Why You Should Pay A Professional Install Your Pool Table

Many people think that installing a pool table is something you can learn watching a few YouTube videos.  Unfortunately, the majority of these videos are created by professionals or people who have the knowledge and make it easy in front of the camera. 

Installing a pool table requires patience, hard work and several people to help in order get the job done correctly. 

Safety Is Important

A billiard table can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more, so it’s essential that you have the proper knowledge for the task. Trying to setup a pool table on your own or without the right equipment could lead to serious injury or a ruined table. 

Placing The Slates

This part can be challenging regardless if you have a 1 or 3 piece slate table, the frame of the pool table should be completely filled.  

These slate pieces can be awkward to carry and heavy, and this is not something that you would want to drop on the floor or your foot.  

We recommend two or three friends who don’t mind an extra workout. Trust us, you’ll need them throughout the process. 

Leveling a pool table

The accuracy and play-ability of your new pool table requires proper installation and slate leveling.  You can buy the most expensive pool table in the world, but if the slates are not leveled properly, your table won’t be playable.

Another factor is your flooring, pool tables can be leveled by the slate and or the legs, especially if the room you plan on using is not level.  

This process requires a leveler to check that the slates are evenly leveled.  Shims should be placed underneath the tiles to raise or lower them, according to the leveler.   

Once the table is completely level, screw the slates in, a propane torch is needed to melt beeswax into the spaces between the tiles. 

Specialty Tools Required

An average pool table install will run you at least a few hundred bucks for all the tools and supplies not included with your new pool table.   Most models will include an Allen wrench and a set of instructions that can be vague for someone doing this for the first time. 

Professional installers have all the equipment, tools, and experience to avoid any issues and get the job done.  As the saying goes “to break something is much easier then fixing or building something.”

Felting the Table

Once a pool table bed is setup, the billiard cloth can be laid out on top.  Felting a table requires you to cut holes in the slate panels for the bolts, and align the pockets and rails on the table.  This is where experience comes in handy.

Felt is a delicate material when handling.  It can be easy to rip, and you don’t want to stretch it out when you’re reapplying it over the slate.  Felt should fit tightly across the table, but if it’s stretched too far in one direction you could end up with some lumps that will make playing pool less than ideal.  

Buying a Pool Table Online with No Installation

The Pool Table typically ships to your home via freight carrier (UPS or Fedex). You will be responsible for checking the pool table components for damage, unloading them from your driveway into your garage or home.

There are usually multiple boxes and each box weighs up to 250 lbs., so you will need several strong helpers at the time of delivery. 

Damaged or missing parts can result in endless phone calls, packaging and return slips.  This will most likely delay your enjoyment of your new pool table by several weeks. 

Why Choose Coastal?

Professionals do it every day.   At Coastal Pool and Gameroom, we are all about good customer service and fair prices.  Our model is simple, we only sell items that we can install and delivery to you, you no longer need to worry about shipping, missing parts, etc.  

Our installation service is included so you will get a true price when purchasing from us, not to mention a high quality pool table that you can enjoy with your friends and family for years to come. 

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